Friday, 9 March 2012

Tonight I'm Wearing

Coral Pink Crochet Dress --- ASOS Petite
Yellow Clutch Bag --- ASOS
Fox and Mink Fur Jacket
Black Heels--- Christian Louboutin

I felt like some splashes of colour tonight, but in sticking with my OF COURSE I'm wearing a BLACK fur jacket and BLACK heels-  just enough for me to feel comfortable in knowing I won't be a glowing lightbulb (afterall, it's not quite warm enough yet- have to make sure I get use out of my winter pieces before the season is over !)

 I love this coral pink colour and the crochet stitch style makes it more interesting and adds a touch of warmth and texture to the whole ensemble. The yellow and the coral are absolutely must-have colours for this Spring/ Summer season...and what a bargain - both pieces from ASOS! The buttons on the dress have a hint of gold which goes perfectly with the gold hardware on the bag.

Useful Tip:
Noone wants to see my pasty white legs (well, it's not quite me to show my legs like that anyway), but match some black tights with some heels = MIRACLE LEG LENGTHENING! And suddenly, I'm 5'8!

Have a good evening everyone!

V xx

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