Monday, 5 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

 My Style: Mixing High and Low (and today... vintage too!)

Today I'm Wearing:

Salmon/Pink Colour Blouse--- Miss Selfridge
Black Body--- ASOS
Black Jeggings--- J Brand
Brown Leather Belt--- Gucci
Mongolian Sheepskin Gilet--- Vintage Tom Ford Gucci
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Grey Bag--- Prada
Loafers--- Tods


This gilet is one of my favourite pieces in my vintage collection. It's slightly difficult for me to find clothes that fit properly due to my height (i.e. I can't even shop at ZARA because I'm too short for everything- I could just cry!) So when I found this beauty, I was incredibly excited! A little piece of Gucci while Tom Ford was still the creative director? Yes, please!

For this style of gilet, it's not easy to find one THIS short and with a good fit- well for me anyway. They are usually much longer (bum-skimming) with less volume, and in more basic colours such as white, black or multi, and though this past season they were 'in',  there still were not that many variations to choose from. Lucky for me, I got this a few years ago from the Elio Ferraro vintage concession in Selfridges! They are amazing and have a very nicely sourced collection.

I don’t like things to be so ‘matchy’ so you’ll notice that even though the bag and the shoes are generally the same colour, they are not the same tone. The bag is darker and the shoes are a much lighter pastel shade (and it even carries a slightly purple hue which compliments the blouse!). If you’re going out after work, swap the loafers for some heeled boots or pumps…et voila! Instant outfit change!

As for the top- the salmon pink coloured blouse from Miss Selfridge- I own it in…..guess how many colours......

.... no less than 4!

I love this blouse! It’s actually VERY LONG (especially at the back), but the material is thin enough for me to tuck into trousers without much hassle and bulk. This salmon pink colour is just perfect for this upcoming season and the gorgeous colour palettes! Look forward to showing everyone in upcoming posts the other colours the blouse comes in and how to wear it in different ways which I’ll doing in my ‘Versatility’ post in a few days!

Useful Tip:
When you’re wearing a statement piece such as the gilet in this outfit, keep everything else simple and tidy. The gilet doesn’t need to be fighting anything else for the spotlight. Understated and simple is the KEY to working this look!

V xx

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