Monday, 26 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Grey Cotton Jumper--- H & M
Sheepskin Gilet--- Karl Donoghue
Grey Bag--- Prada
Black Jeggings--- J Brand
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Boots--- Karen Millen


First off, someone commented on a previous post asking who takes my photos because they're nice....?!
I am kind of embarrassed to say that it's just me, my little low maintenance Canon Ixus stacked on top of my dresser and a couple of books...haha! That's why you'll see the lighting is a bit off in some of the photos- still trying to work out the brighter angles! And also why so far, I haven't managed a full body shot yet.

Have gone quite simple again today! Threw on grey jumper and then just whipped up my gilet! Very classic and easy to wear colours hardware from the bag, earrings and sunglasses tying the whole thing in... not a particularly exciting outfit...but hey! I did say this blog was going to be just my wardrobe...and this is me!

V xx

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  1. Thanks for the camera information - good work and looking forward to the full shot one day!