Sunday, 18 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

* I actually wrote this yesterday and noticed that it didn't publish! So in case you're wondering about the weather discrepancy- this is why!

Black Leather Jacket w/ fox collar---  Finity (bought it in a department store in China)
Black Jeans--- Topshop Petite
Green Python Bag--- Gucci
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Boots--- Karen Millen

Ok, seriously, after last week I thought we were going definitely going into Spring. Apparently, not! Rainy weekend...depressing.....Bringing out my jackets and boots again!

I've made these photos a tad larger than usual because I want to show the AMAZING STITCHING DETAIL on the jacket's sleeves and below the natural waist line! I love this jacket because it's very easy to dress up or down. The fur collar means that I don't have carry a scarf with me as it's warm enough to just zip it up.

Useful Tip:
To soften up the leather look, mix textures. (For example, the fox collar, the boots with the suede and knit details or even the soft python bag.)

Sorry, the lighting in the photo isn't optimal, but take a close up look of the stitching- it's stunning!

V xx

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