Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today I'm Wearing here's my first attempt at this...!

Simply put: I will be showing what I wear 'everyday'.

My Style: Mixing high and low (aka mixing designer and high street)

I will share what I'm wearing and if anyone has questions, just ask..!

My friends who know me personally and see these entries will see that I have stuck to my own personality. I don't like OTT accessories (multiple rings, bracelets etc).  I dress simply and stick to lots of classic pieces but slightly edgy pieces. I am wearing sunglasses here (not that I frequently do) but I have chosen to do so because I am still not sure if I want to show any close-ups showing my face. This may change depending on how things go =) !

So today, with the somewhat warmer weather over the past few days, I have managed to just throw on a gilet and go!

Today I'm Wearing:

Sheepskin gilet ---Karl Donoghue
Black jeggings ---J Brand
Black cotton jumper ---H & M
Brown boots--- Circus (a Japanese high street brand)- you may see these a lot in the upcoming days, they have been my daily winter boots!
Brown leather bag---Mulberry
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford

Any questions? feel free to comment!

V xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burberry Show at London Fashion Week


The Venue: Kensington Gardens, Kensington Gore SW7 (across from Royal Albert Hall)

I got to go to the Burberry Prorsum show yesterday (still holding back tears of excitement!) because my wonderful friend invited me as she had a spare ticket! THANK YOU so much!

I had over 100 photos, but I've selected a few to give you the general idea of the show and the collection! Enjoy!

Burberry's looks were shades of earthy tones mixed with some dusky burgundy and wine colours as well as splashes of deep purple here and there.

Absolutely stunning collection! Christopher Bailey featured trench coats melded into tweed jackets (or vice versa, depending on how you see it.- SO smart! See the photo below!
The tailoring was impeccable and almost all looks were accessorised with small feminine (almost dainty) belts tied into bows or belts already with bow....

A male friend also pointed out to me Burberry's feature of this 'wise owl' =). Yes, this 'wise owl' was featured very prominently in many tops (t-shirts) beneath bomber jackets. sheepskins jackets and coats. Burberry also had an array of A-line skirts flaring out with the natural waist line cinched in with belts.

Spot the fashion A-list and the celebs in attendance.....

Sitting directly across from us....Gorgeous in person!

Japanese Celebrities...I think? Sitting directly across us as well..

Amir Khan, Wil.I.Am, Alexa Chung

 Front row: Rosie Huntington -Whiteley (current face of Burberry Body),  Kate Bosworth

My conclusions!? I loved the show, I loved the atmosphere and the finale was amazing! Burberry making it RAIN! Trying to upload the video....!

But while I'm still trying feel free to check this video out!

Burberry Show

V xx


I have finally given in to the world of blogging! After much indirect pressure from my previous uni and various friends...I have decided to start this fashion, style and lifestyle (I guess?) blog! 

I will be sharing ideas and tips on my dress sense and style, how to mix high street with high end, co-ordinating accessories -including vintage items, and I will be sharing with you WHERE these pieces are from! yay! stay tuned people!

V xx