Sunday, 11 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Rabbit & Fox Fur Cape Jacket--- Cypress (high street shop in Hong Kong)
Grey Bag--- Prada
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Black Cotton Jumper--- H &M
Black Jeans--- Miss Selfridge
Black Thigh-High Boots--- Cypress


Since the weather has been seriously playing up ( freezing in the morning, super warm in the afternoon, freezing AGAIN starting late afternoon), I've thrown on a very versatile cape/jacket, versatile in a practical sense- lightweight but with a fur collar to keep me warm early and late in the day.

This jacket colour is SOOOO different and unique's actually a dark brown fading into a green...doesn't sound too appealing on paper and no doubt, this is a hard jacket/colour to wear...but I think I've managed it as I'm still quite fair at the moment.

I've made the jacket the main piece of my outfit by dressing in black and adding another block of colour (the bag) to keep everything simple. I've even put my hair up just to keep everything easy on the eyes. One of my more different items of clothing...but I like different =)! I love classic pieces with a twist!

Useful Tip:
When wearing a unique piece like this jacket, don't try to overpower it by mixing in too many colours. I even kept my boots black just to play it a little more simple.

V xx

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