Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Orange Jacket--- Bread n Butter ( a Hong Kong high street brand)
Black Vest Top--- H & M
Black Jeans--- J Brand
Distressed Charcoal Colour Men's Belt--- Gap
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Grey Bag--- Prada
Shoes--- Yves Saint Laurent

Splash of COLOUR! I think my friends have been impressed with my colours the past few months as most people are used to seeing me in darker colours.

Gold buttons- sooo me! I love this jacket, and it was such a good deal- what a bargain (shopping in Hong Kong is RIDICULOUS for those of you who haven't been!)

The heels dress up the outfit more but not overly because of the different colours and now I can go from day to night easily! The extra gold detail separating the blue from the black of the shoe is just divine!

Loving YSL shoes!

V xx

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