Friday, 30 March 2012

Tonight I'm Wearing

Black Playsuit--- ASOS Petite
Bag--- Chanel
Black Heels--- Christian Louboutin
Tweed Jacket--- high street shop in Hong Kong

First off, IT'S NOT A DRESS! It's a playsuit actually! (Playsuit is basically a one-piece.)

And for those who want to know what the difference between a "playsuit" and a "jumpsuit" is- it's in the LENGTH of the trouser legs.

So if it's short= playsuit, long= jumpsuit. Simples!

The jacket is Chanel-esque, I actually got it for an amazing price in Hong Kong a few years ago- it is so incredibly well-made and in the 4th photo, I zipped it up just to show that it fastens in such a way bringing the neckline together like that. I have also matched the silver on the bag to the silver in the jacket (you may need to click on the photo for a closer look at the sleeves and neckline.

Useful Tip:
Black tights with black heels= endless legs!

V xx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Orange Jacket--- Bread n Butter ( a Hong Kong high street brand)
Black Vest Top--- H & M
Black Jeans--- J Brand
Distressed Charcoal Colour Men's Belt--- Gap
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Grey Bag--- Prada
Shoes--- Yves Saint Laurent

Splash of COLOUR! I think my friends have been impressed with my colours the past few months as most people are used to seeing me in darker colours.

Gold buttons- sooo me! I love this jacket, and it was such a good deal- what a bargain (shopping in Hong Kong is RIDICULOUS for those of you who haven't been!)

The heels dress up the outfit more but not overly because of the different colours and now I can go from day to night easily! The extra gold detail separating the blue from the black of the shoe is just divine!

Loving YSL shoes!

V xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Grey Cotton Jumper--- H & M
Sheepskin Gilet--- Karl Donoghue
Grey Bag--- Prada
Black Jeggings--- J Brand
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Boots--- Karen Millen


First off, someone commented on a previous post asking who takes my photos because they're nice....?!
I am kind of embarrassed to say that it's just me, my little low maintenance Canon Ixus stacked on top of my dresser and a couple of books...haha! That's why you'll see the lighting is a bit off in some of the photos- still trying to work out the brighter angles! And also why so far, I haven't managed a full body shot yet.

Have gone quite simple again today! Threw on grey jumper and then just whipped up my gilet! Very classic and easy to wear colours hardware from the bag, earrings and sunglasses tying the whole thing in... not a particularly exciting outfit...but hey! I did say this blog was going to be just my wardrobe...and this is me!

V xx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tonight I'm Wearing

Colour Block Cotton Dress--- ASOS (regular, not petite today haha)
Grey Bag--- Prada
Black Suede Heels--- Christian Louboutin

A couple months ago, after a lot of beautiful feedback from friends on this dress (which they saw from my cousin's wedding album), I've made sure to post these photos.... =)

This colour blocking dress from ASOS I adore because it's not OTT. I also like the playful bit of maroon colour at the hem making it much more interesting, otherwise it could have just been red and black - which would have been nice too- but the maroon makes it more fun to wear! The matching black on the sleeves which sit PERFECTLY in line with the black at the waist was designed so well. I think this dress oozes character and can be easily dressed up or down.

Have a good evening, everyone!

V xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Salmon/ Pink Blouse--- Miss Selfridge
Short Black Wool Jacket--- Givenchy
Black Vest  Top--- H & M
Black Jeans---Topshop Petite
Brown Belt--- Gucci
Green Python Bag--- Gucci
Loafers--- Tods

This short black wool jacket has been a fall/autumn staple in my wardrobe the past few was a bargain buy when I purchased it in a Selfridges sale a few years back. I don't show it buttoned up, but the cut and the tailoring of this piece is IMPECCABLE! It fits so well! 

It's short but it's wool, so during some of the warmer 'winter' season days, I can just throw this on and go! I love the contrasting colours of the bag, blouse, shoes as well as the different TEXTURES mixed into this outfit!

V xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Today's Topic: VERSATILITY!

Mint Green Blouse--- Miss Selfridge
Black Body--- ASOS
Black Jeans--- TopShop
Distressed Leather Charcoal Colour Men's Belt--- Gap
Red/Orange Bag--- Chanel
Sheepskin Gilet--- Karl Donoghue
Black Patent Heels--- Tom Ford


I showed in a previous post the same blouse from Miss Selfridge but I wore it in the salmon pink colour the last can see here I have  paired it slightly differently. I like pieces that have a lot of VERSATILITY- the blouse is the perfect example..I've worn it long and untucked as well!
(Click here to see the blouse in salmon pink)
(Click here to see the mint green blouse worn untucked)

And so is my gilet for that matter! You may have seen in a previous post how it unzipped and it gives a totally different look... and when it's zipped up, it creates an amazing collar...YES, IT'S THE SAME GILET! (Click here to see the gilet.)

And for people who have been following my blog =), you'll recall I mentioned about how I like to match 'hardware' but I don't make it a rule....See here! GOLD sunglasses vs. the SILVER chain on the bag! Doesn't clash!

V xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

* I actually wrote this yesterday and noticed that it didn't publish! So in case you're wondering about the weather discrepancy- this is why!

Black Leather Jacket w/ fox collar---  Finity (bought it in a department store in China)
Black Jeans--- Topshop Petite
Green Python Bag--- Gucci
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Boots--- Karen Millen

Ok, seriously, after last week I thought we were going definitely going into Spring. Apparently, not! Rainy weekend...depressing.....Bringing out my jackets and boots again!

I've made these photos a tad larger than usual because I want to show the AMAZING STITCHING DETAIL on the jacket's sleeves and below the natural waist line! I love this jacket because it's very easy to dress up or down. The fur collar means that I don't have carry a scarf with me as it's warm enough to just zip it up.

Useful Tip:
To soften up the leather look, mix textures. (For example, the fox collar, the boots with the suede and knit details or even the soft python bag.)

Sorry, the lighting in the photo isn't optimal, but take a close up look of the stitching- it's stunning!

V xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Tonight I'm Wearing

Black Dress--- ASOS Petite
Fox and Mink Fur Jacket
Yellow Clutch Bag--- ASOS

I spoke too soon. WHY IS IT SO COLD suddenly!!

Firstly, I do NOT wear sunglasses at night, but as I'm sure all of you know I haven't decided whether or not to show my face fully yet....hence, the sunglasses!

So yes, it's a lot of black tonight which is actually pretty normal for me!! Anyhow, the dress has a nice little twist and cut-out detail on the back which makes the dress a little different. And at the front, there are 3 hook & eye fastenings to keep the top of the dress fitting correctly. And the bag I think is a nice little pop of colour, and not a typical one either.... I love the contrast!

Have a fun and safe night, everyone!

V xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

First thing...IT IS SO WARM TODAY! WOW!

Mint Green Blouse--- Miss Selfridge
Black Jeggings--- ASOS Petite
Black Body--- Wolford
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Grey Bag--- Prada
Grey/Purple Loafers--- Tods
Gold Watch


Just a random side note to start! I forgot to mention that on Monday I was walking around Oxford Street with my sister while she was visiting in London and I had a photograph taken by COSMOPOLITAN magazine for a new concept cover they will be doing- a mosaic of many faces apparently...maybe I'll be a tiny part of one of their covers coming up! Will keep everyone posted !

This mint coloured blouse is the same style as the salmon/pink one I wore from a previous post! You see how long it is here? I would usually never EVER brave this untucked and in this way unless I was wearing either skinny jeans or leggings. I would otherwise be totally swamped and drowning in the excess volume of the blouse!

I love the tone of the mint green, like a MINT ICE CREAM colour (which I sort of mentioned in a previous post 'Ice Cream and Glossiness'). The combo of the mint green and the pastel grey/purple I adore!

Useful Tip:
When wearing something loose and unfitted- balance out your proportions by wearing something fitted on the legs!

V xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Prêt- à- Portea The Berkeley Hotel

My sister was in town over the weekend and we went for tea at The Berkeley Hotel- not just any ordinary tea- Prêt- à- Portea! (Clever, yes?) They are rather famous for this and for those who have never heard of it, basically,  every season, The Berkeley looks at the current season's latest catwalk looks and takes inspiration from it by incorporating them into their Afternoon Tea.

Even the china was by Paul Smith! The tea selection was also quite different from many places we go to. Our lovely waiter let me try various teas, I opted for 'Mint Chocolate Truffle' tea (yes, tea!)  followed by the  'Pear Caramel' tea. My sister had The Berkeley blend. They also presented our table with a lovely personalised name card with my name on it.

Paul Smith Classic Stripe Collection China


Inspiration for this tea set:

Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Burberry Prorsum, Sonia Rykiel, 
Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney

(Click on photos to enlarge! 
It's the explanation for which piece is inspired by which designer!)


Burberry Trench

Valentino Clutch

Miu Miu Shoes

P.S- For people interested in FOOD, check out my sister's blog for her culinary adventures in France.

V xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Today I'm Wearing

Rabbit & Fox Fur Cape Jacket--- Cypress (high street shop in Hong Kong)
Grey Bag--- Prada
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford
Black Cotton Jumper--- H &M
Black Jeans--- Miss Selfridge
Black Thigh-High Boots--- Cypress


Since the weather has been seriously playing up ( freezing in the morning, super warm in the afternoon, freezing AGAIN starting late afternoon), I've thrown on a very versatile cape/jacket, versatile in a practical sense- lightweight but with a fur collar to keep me warm early and late in the day.

This jacket colour is SOOOO different and unique's actually a dark brown fading into a green...doesn't sound too appealing on paper and no doubt, this is a hard jacket/colour to wear...but I think I've managed it as I'm still quite fair at the moment.

I've made the jacket the main piece of my outfit by dressing in black and adding another block of colour (the bag) to keep everything simple. I've even put my hair up just to keep everything easy on the eyes. One of my more different items of clothing...but I like different =)! I love classic pieces with a twist!

Useful Tip:
When wearing a unique piece like this jacket, don't try to overpower it by mixing in too many colours. I even kept my boots black just to play it a little more simple.

V xx