Friday, 6 April 2012

Tonight I'm Wearing

Jacket--- a high street shop in Hong Kong
Jumper--- H & M
Shorts--- Jill Stuart
Boots--- Cypress (HK high street brand)

I'm wearing this black 'Chanel-esque' ensemble today and have offsetted it with a big red Chanel bag...

Someone asked me to post a side view of the boots next time I wore it it! Hope this suffices!
I do in fact, love over-the-knee boots... they're warmer and adds flare to any outfit- whether it's a dress, shorts, or over jeans....over-the-knee boots are super versatile and warm! These are from Hong Kong from a high street store called Cypress. Every time I go I make sure to make a trip there...they never disappoint!

Useful Tip:
When there is so much going on in an outfit, make it less messy by making it mostly 1 colour and 1 hardware!

V xx

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  1. Whats happening! More outfits please we need our daily fix. x