Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today I'm Wearing here's my first attempt at this...!

Simply put: I will be showing what I wear 'everyday'.

My Style: Mixing high and low (aka mixing designer and high street)

I will share what I'm wearing and if anyone has questions, just ask..!

My friends who know me personally and see these entries will see that I have stuck to my own personality. I don't like OTT accessories (multiple rings, bracelets etc).  I dress simply and stick to lots of classic pieces but slightly edgy pieces. I am wearing sunglasses here (not that I frequently do) but I have chosen to do so because I am still not sure if I want to show any close-ups showing my face. This may change depending on how things go =) !

So today, with the somewhat warmer weather over the past few days, I have managed to just throw on a gilet and go!

Today I'm Wearing:

Sheepskin gilet ---Karl Donoghue
Black jeggings ---J Brand
Black cotton jumper ---H & M
Brown boots--- Circus (a Japanese high street brand)- you may see these a lot in the upcoming days, they have been my daily winter boots!
Brown leather bag---Mulberry
Sunglasses--- Tom Ford

Any questions? feel free to comment!

V xx


  1. simple and chic! stunning x

  2. this is great viv...will be following.

  3. Looking good Viv. Hope you have been well.